Sunday, 11 May 2008

Last day @ MIHAS 2008

My weekend was spent at MIHAS (Malaysia International Halal Showcase) 2008, noted as the the world's biggest Halal trade show.

The last day was very eventful! OK, I was a bit starstrucked but I believe that those who know me long enough would understand...

The first celebrity appearance at MIHAS today was by Ning Baizura. Ning came with her husband and their timing was just perfect coz we were just done with a cooking demonstration by Chef Harun.

Just in time to try Nasi Minyak Bunga Telang & Daging Kuzi prepared by Chef Harun.

Chef Harun with Ning and Omar

The team with Ning & Omar

Thank you Ning & Omar for visiting and spending precious time at the booth.

The next celebrity to stop by MPOC's booth was Fauziah Latiff. I really have to thank Baya & Boeng (PA to Jee) for this.

The team with Fauziah Latiff

Thank you Jee for stopping by.

OK, two celebs stopped by the booth. We were ready for the third celebrity to drop by. Everybody in the booth was waiting for Anuar Zain. We were well prepared for his visit.

Book, bags & CD ready to be authographed with permanent marker. Drinks too just in case he got thirsty...

Souvenirs for Anuar Zain and his entourage...

Waiting for Anuar Zain...

Alas, he did not tour the exhibition hall as he has to rush to Melaka for another engagement... (or is it...??? hmmm...)

I expressed my dissapointment to my good friends at Malaysia Kitchen and the kind Chef Harun gave me some kerabu which he prepared with Anuar Zain. And they also showed me their pictures with Anuar, just to rub it in...

taken with my iPhone
The kerabu...
(I soo need to get the recipe for this kerabu)

However, at least I managed to get a shot of Anuar Zain by chance while he was at Malaysia Kitchen.

taken with my iPhone
He posed for me and said "hi.." sigh*...

All this would not have happened without the kind cooperation from those who were responsible in organising the celebrities' appearances at MIHAS 2008.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation from the bottom of my heart to the MIHAS Secretariat - Zaidi Mat Zain, Mohd Azmeer, and the team - and En Rashid, the photographer for their kind co-operation in leading the celebrities to MPOC's booth. Thank you very much guys!!!


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