Monday, 16 June 2008

P Ramlee The Musical

Went to watch the last performance of P Ramlee The Musical at Istana Budaya with Wan Ramlee on June 15.

Was impressed with the props and music. The performance by Muslee Ramlee as P Ramlee was superb! He looked and sounded like P Ramlee, making the whole show alive. The stage presence of Melisa Saila as Norizan was excellent but Norizan was somehow portrayed as a quite unrefined person compared to her real life image (or was her real life image an act altogether...???).

The focus was on P Ramlee's private life and more on his marriages. But there is more to P Ramlee than that. Maybe this is the angle that is being emphasized on purpose.

Loved the original songs but I can't say the same about the melody of the new songs that are specially composed for this show. They sounded somehow too modern.

Overall, the show was entertaining and kudos to the production team for putting up such a wonderful show.

The cast taking their bow at the end of the show to a standing ovation from the audience.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Baya & Boeng for making it possible for me to watch the show.

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Play_harder said...

ur son ... i bet he was bored to death at the wedding!! lmao!

Razita said...

Indeed he was bored to death and kept asking when we were going home and why did we have to be there and how long till we get to go home .... and other questions like that!!!