Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sights (without Sound) of Ramadhan

Its been 17 days into Ramadhan. Throughout this time, I have been to Pasar Ramadhan in few locations and breaking fast at places of interest (Adin's choice). Pasar Ramadhan is a very interesting place to find homecooked food not easily available during normal months. Its also a place where you can observe people and their antics.


Closer to home - Pasar Ramadhan SS 18 Subang Jaya

Wonder what distinguished these lemangs from others

Kuih muih - Lepat pisang has always been one of my favourite kuih. This one called lepat nagasari is cool!

Tanjong Two Char Kuetiaw - normally stationed at Mamak Bistro SS14. Available at Pasar Ramadhan SS18 only during fasting month.

Another interesting Char Kuetiaw stall - this one flaming!

Favourite roti john stall... bought this almost every day.

Pasar Ramadhan Precint 2 Putrajaya

Wonder what this taste like...

Rows of lauk pauk...

Kuih melaka - 5 pieces for RM 1.00

Nice looking Kebabs

Tasty dadih. Also available at Pasar Ramadhan SS18 Subang Jaya.

Chicken tongkeng, anyone?

Other interesting Pasar Ramadhan (pictures not available):

Pasar Ramadhan Temerloh
Superb ikan patin masak tempoyak & rojak ayam.

Pasar Ramadhan Stadium Shah Alam
With rows and rows of stalls; and throngs of people, it has become very commercialised. Hardly enough time to explore.