Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes; 21 March 2009

Liberating the innner child...

Little girls in gowns and little boys in capes...

Ice vendor...

Mother & daughter looking forward to the show...

Princess Jasmine & Aladdin

Snow White & Prince Ferdinand

The Seven Dwarfs

Belle & Lumiere. The prince did not appear until the end of the show.

Under the sea with Ariel. Prince Eric was washed ashore...

Fairy godmothers Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora & Prince Phillip

Cinderella & Prince Charming

The Princesses and their Princes

The princess wannabes



Little Minnies

It is most little girl's dream to be a princess, meet prince charming and live happily ever after.

However, Disney's fairy tales can be deluding and give non-positive moral values to children. It can put a child under a lot of pressure to be the perfect little girl in order to live up to her idol princesses.

Fairy tales in their classic form, are mostly gruesome and do not really have happy endings. Disney recasts the fairy tales and adds fluff to make it palatable for children and modern audiences.