Saturday, 8 May 2010

Malaysian Police

My car was stolen 2 years ago and when making police report the remark I received was, "Oh, dah lama tak ada kes macam ni di SS 18" (it has been quite some time since we last received report on such case). I don't think anything was done to recover the car until a few months after. The detective who handled my case then produced a report saying that the case was closed, for the insurance company to follow-up on the reimbursement.

Recently, the Selangor Police Chief's car was stolen. All efforts were made to recover the car only to find the car left by the roadside with a note saying "Sorry PDRM, silap sapu".

I wonder if the car was not left by the roadside, would the police be able to find it?

On another note, the recent case of a teenage boy who took his sister's car for a joyride and was shot by the police after being chased was quite disturbing.

This story was related to my soon-to-be-13 year old son. I asked him what are the lessons learned from this. His reply:
1. Playing pranks can get you killed.
2. Some policemen are incompetent.

I can't help but wonder, if a 13-year old has such negative impression of the Malaysian police force, what does the future hold for their generation?

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Simba said...

When a police car gave you a chase and ask you to stop, what should you do? Yes, stop.

If you have hit another car, what should you do? Yes, stop.

If tomorrow's a school day, what the hell were you doing outside, taking your friends on a joyride?

But yes, why should police shoot when there were not shot at? Maybe the fact that the boy almost rammed the car cause panic and confusion to the police.

Either way, the boy was to be blamed too. Don't just pick on the police.

Razita said...

I totally agree with Simba, whoever you are. Case of shooting involving teens have become rampant and very worrying.