Saturday, 30 August 2008

Bandung & Jakarta, Indonesia; 18-22 July

Its the annual shopping trip again!

Bandung is indeed the ultimate destination for shopping for me, family and some friends. We made it an annual ritual to go back for serious shopping trip - where shop till you drop takes literal meaning.

This year K Sherry was supposed to take the maids for their annual trip to Bandung & Jakarta but due to an foreseen circumstances, she was not able to make it and I took over.

At a Sundanese Restaurant in Bandung

Yaya, in front of her all time favourite donut shop on Ciampelas Walk

The ever busy Ciampelas Road

Ju & Laila taking a break at one of the outlets

On the way to Jakarta from Bandung

At MONAS - the icon of Jakarta

Dufan here we come...!

After we were done with all the shoppping, its fun time at the theme park. In fact, it was still shopping right before we went to Dufan.

With the mascots of Dufan

Its a small small world ride

Aahh... the grand finale... nasi padang at Natrabu... Totaly a different experience from the one in KL

Till next time, Bandung & Jakarta...!