Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I am back!!!

It's been ages since I last posted anything on this blog. There are reasons:
1. I was away
2. Occupied with work
3. Was away again
4. I was busy making this....

Those are bunga telor for WR's nephew, Along. I made all 150 pieces of them. Yes, there is another wedding coming up. This one is at the kampung. I'm sure nobody thought I had it in me to make bunga telor. But I have contibuted to all the bunga telor (bunga pahar) for my brothers' weddings and one niece's cukur kepala ceremony. I have my good friend, Fatimah to thank for as she was the one who introduced me to Kedai Bunga Reben.

Making bunga telor is really time consuming and tests your patience at times. But the end result is worth it. This is my contribution to the wedding as I won't be able to go back early or stay on after the kenduri to help out.