Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bukittinggi & Padang, Indonesia; 1-4 January 2009

Another trip to Indonesia, different places. It is holiday 'ala Wan Ramlee'.
What a way to start the new year!

First stop - Lembah Anai Water Falls, on the way to Bukittinggi

Fresh crystal clear spring water.

Road side stall

Adin not too keen to be out of the car

Lembah Anai water fall seen from the car park.

Next stop, Minangkabau museum.In front of Rumah Gadang

Looking out the window...

Songket weaving at Pandai Sikek, where at least one maiden in a household will inherit the art of songket weaving.


Jam Gadang - the landmark of Bukittinggi, aside from Pasar Atas...

At breakfast on Day 2

Ready for the another day of discovery...

Adin being coaxed out of the car by Bpk Sharil, our tour guide.

Adin enjoying the view of Danau Maninjau... the third largest volvanic lake crater in Indonesia.

Family time.

Lake Maninjau

View from Kelok 34

The way down to the lake has 44 kelok. Starting from 44 at the top.

Beautiful rice terrace


Next stop Ngarai Sianok or Sianok Canyon, in Bukittinggi, one kilometer away from the hotel.

Adin not too thrilled to be sorrounded by monkeys at Ngarai Sianok.

Monkeying around the Ngarai
Ngarai Sianok

Hanging around the Ngarai

View of Ngarai Sianok from the hotel

Shopping at Hj Rosma's shop

At Batu Sangkar on the way to Tabek Patah

At pisang salai shop at Tabek Patah

Another Rumah Gadang

Ever seen crooked coconut tree?

Pantai Air Manis - home of the famous Malim Kundang stone statue.

Sunset at Teluk Bayur...

Siti Nurbaya bridge - named after the tragic maiden of Padang, Siti Nurbaya.

Seafood dinner at Nelayan, after having enough of Nasi Padang for 3 days.

View of Gunung Merapi from the plane.

This trip to Indonesia has been an eye opener, as it was a totally different experience from numerous other Indonesian visits.