Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy 76th Birthday!

To YTM Dato' Tunku Mukminah bte YTM Tunku Mohd Jiwa Al-Haj
An Aunt, Mother, Grandmother, soon-to-be Great Grandmother, and Mama to all...



Today we celebrate Mama's 76th birthday at her all time favourite hotel, Federal Hotel at the Revolving Restaurant on the 18th floor.

with Omar

The older sister I never had...

Adin, Zurina, Omar

WR & Waled

Me & Mini Me

Mother & Daughter

Idzamir, K Edi & Tasha

Abby & Dzahir

Mother & Son

Tasha & Ammar

Adin & Omar

K Uji, Adik Din & Dzahir

Laila & Ju

Here comes the cake...

A closer look at the birthday cake...


Present opening time...

A little help please...

In all the festivity, with all family members present, we surely missed Yaya. Everybody was around, except for Yaya.

Yaya, just imagine the cupcakes I got you last Summer. The cake tasted similar only coated with sugar of different colours...


Maid in PRADA... Don't play play!