Thursday, 29 October 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It

MJ's This Is It movie premiered worldwide on 28 October. It was indeed a great opportunity to be among the first to watch the behind the scenes of the This Is It concert rehearsals.

Should it materialise, the concert would have been a phenomenon! It would have been THE concert of the century. Detailed attention was given to each and every song with nothing left unturned, MJ had lived up to perfection.

All the 26 songs that were supposed to be performed were given special treatment. Elaborated special effects and props were planned for each song. To list a few:
1. Thriller - with the 3D effect of the zombies, flying bride and groom zombies over the aisle, and MJ coming out of a the mechanical giant spider
2. They don't care about us - with a band of one hundred thousand armies generated by special effects
3. The way you make me feel - with the workers on the building construction site in the background
4. Smooth Criminal - with special classic black & white movie
5. Billie Jean - with a special designed bling jacket with 7.5 lb of Swarovski crytals and 60 lights
6. Earth Song - jungle scenes & bulldozer
7. Man in the mirror - MJ's all time favourite song

At 50, his movements were fluid and seemed effortless- he still had it in him. All the dance move were perfectly synchronised. He knew what he wanted for the concert- his final curtain call and knew his music well. Too well. He was a musical genius and unmatched at that.

To me, it was indeed an eye opener of the MJ whom many of us see as a weird dude.

I went to the premier of This Is It merely as an audience and came back a fan.

MJ, may you rest in peace.