Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Premier of "Cuci the Musical"; 23 Oct 2009

When WR said, "oh, we are going to watch Cuci the Musical at Istana Budaya on Oct 23", I really thought that he was kidding but since it was an invitation, I went along. As I have not watched the movie before, I do not know what to expect. Having heard from a close source that the movie was not that great, I did not put much expectations on the musical theater.

Boy, was I wrong!
With a line-up of great talents like Afdlin Shauki, Hans Isaac, AC Mizal, Awie, Harith Iskandar, Vanida Imran, Adibah Noor and Ramli Hassan, the musical was indeed in a class of its own.

Although I thought the music was a bit too loud, drowning the songs, I really hope it would be improved in subsequent shows.

Since I did not watch the movie, I couldn't compare the musical with the movie. It is somehow good as theaters should not be compared with movies. Anyhow, the storyline is similar and the bottomline - good will always prevail.

The show was really entertaining. There was never a dull moment throughout the entire show. The actors, being all professionals, played their parts well and made the entire show almost flawless.

Great singing voice from Awie and Adibah Noor, makes this musical stands out from the rest. It is quite impressive to hear Vanida and Hans, who also shared their vocals in this production.

A must watch for Istana Budaya musical theater fans. And for those artsy fartsy freaks, this is a commercialised theater, so go figure!

As usual, managed to get autographs of the main casts

Cool Adibah Noor. Great voice, big talent (no pun intended)


The Choreographer of Cuci the Musical, Stephen Rahman-Hughes

AC Mizal

Hans' dressing room... Tak dapat bergambar dengan orangnya, pintu pun jadilah...

Caught Harith as he was leaving... too bad, must stop for photos. Hehe...

Managed to catch Afdlin as we were leaving...

Also managed to catch Hans right before we left.

Commenting on his singing in the show, Hans said "I also didn't know I could sing. I was only telling a story". Well Hans, the story that comes from the heart is what makes Cuci the Musical meaningful. It also proves that anything is possible if you just believe...

Kudos to Hans and the team for a great show. I laughed and almost cried at the part where the brothers were torn apart by greed and the power-that-be.

Indeed "Cuci the Musical" is a must watch and worth every RM spent on the ticket!

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