Friday, 18 April 2008

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah; 11-16 April 2008

Day 5

Second day into the conference. The casualty began. One by one was down with fever, from being overworked and extreme fatigue.

Some of us perservere but inside, only god knows how tired we were.

Right after packing was done, we were off to town.

In the midst of running a fever, I still managed to shop.

Retail therapy was what I needed.

Dinner was eventful. Food aplenty.

At awe with the blue neon light...

Some 'siput' and squid that's supposed to be our 'sabah vege' dish...

White clam with ginger sauce.

Mantis prawns.

Chilli crabs.

Steamed buns to be eaten with the chilli crabs.

Depite the tiredness, we managed to eat the food and after that Erlena and I decided to call it a night while the rest went on...