Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Theater Buff

Saturday nite out at the theater - Topeng Topeng directed by Fauziah Nawi

I was invited by a good friend, Ezane to join him and his friends, Fatin & Eamy, to watch a theater at Stor Teater DBP, located at Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur.

It was a Malay theater, so Ezane suggested that we go in traditional Malay outfits but I opted for a fussion instead - kebaya top & jeans.

The dialogues in the play were the poems by Dato' Baha Zain, writen in the 1960s.
So, did I understand the theater? I have to be honest and say no.
Without the programme and the play synopis, I would be totally lost!
But I really appreciated the acting and music. Why? Because it was directed by Fauziah Nawi and the actors were superb!

They delivered their lines perfectly. Their voice projection was excellent.
You just have to give it up to Fauziah Nawi!
Music by Iryanda Mulia Ramly was flawless. Iryanda played the guitar and sang at the same time. The entire cast also sang. They sang from their soul and did it within the characters they played. Very impressive!

Stolen shots from the theater (taken with my iPhone)

Pictures - Topeng Topeng

Theater staff at the reception desk - we were among the earliest to arrive...

With Fauziah Nawi before the play started

Prior to the show....


Wherever... Whenever... Shopping is a must!

Shopping for theater's merchandise.

With Fauziah Nawi and one of the actor from the show