Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Techno-geek in Me

I am a gadget junkie and a techno-geek! There... I'm not in denial. I have embraced the fact that I am addicted to things that are current in the market - gadgets that is. Also handbags but that's a different story altogether.

I read T3, HWM and Mobile magazines now. No more URTV, Mangga, Media Hiburan and Hai.

I carry 4 thumb drives with me at all times. I also have SD card reader and SD card adaptor for micro SD in my handbag. I have iPod and also the protable hard drive with stuff from my office computer, in case I need them when I'm at home.

I applaud Kingston for coming out with matching sets of 4-pcs of thumb drive with colour codes for easy data segregation - work, personal, play, etc.

(For illustrations purpose only).

My latest acquisition is the iPhone - the ultimate gadget of the year (16 GB, mind you).

My new iPhone, fresh from the box.

I initially wanted to wait for iPhone to be officially launched in Malaysia in order to 'legally' own it but its taking too long. I actually called Apple Malaysia on the very day it was launched in USA last June. Hoping to get an answer on when it will be officially launched in Malaysia. But it was dissapointing to note that the person answering the hotline had the faintest idea about iPhone.

I hope the 2nd generation will be available in Malaysia soon. Mr Steve Jobs, take note:
- please make the phone free for all service subscribers - Malaysians don't like to be subjected to terms and conditions of having to use a different service provider when they are already subscribed to one.

- please include 3G or 4G feature - for whatever reason, Malaysians are becoming very kiasu, we need to have the latest and the best technology has to offer regardless if we use it or know how to use it at all.

- try to make the battery last longer.

The next thing in my gadget wish list is a macbook. That will complete my gadget list and make me be in gadget heaven.